Jak daleko může komunismus ještě zajít? O_o


Tak paní ministryně z Panevroské VŠ dle svych vlastnich slov s panem prezidentem probrala i tu stihacku pana premie… https://t.co/UqoCR3vUT5

Holokaust by pro nás neexistoval, kdyby ho válka s Německem nepřerušila…


Would you be willing to equip your bedroom or living room with an internet-connected microphone that could record a… https://t.co/eJU7OuTYhT

This will blow your mind: https://t.co/IwY89cZvcD

RT @F_Kaltheuner: Privacy is power.…

Privacy is power.
My piece for @POLITICOEurope https://t.co/8DtXmG5jhx

Getting more done -> getting more to get done -> less time to stop, think and ponder


Sometimes what is best for consumers and what is best for the market development is not the same


At least we need to be able to watch the watchers…


Human nature to hoard reflected in games