[..] of all the countries I’ve been to, the border guards have never treated me worse than here [..]


If you don't use our service we will get other people to shame you


Facebook also once said that it will not share data between FB and WhatsApp #libra #privacy


Hlavně to nečtěte před spaním, věřte mi! →
Sinolog: Zeman dalece nechápe čínský systém, jeho poradce Jie Ťien-ming… https://t.co/dZtMofzP4f

Podvádíme všichni, jestliže máme prilezitost, motivaci a víme, jak toto jednání omluvit


None of Facebook (Whatsapp, Instagram.. ) decisions are in pro-users – sometimes it just turns out favorably to the… https://t.co/WsKZC12onp

Most of Facebook’s uncanny guesswork is the result of a healthy percentage of users simply handing over their addre… https://t.co/AmbTP1Qfyo

Facebook knows so much that they can make you believe they're listening to you


Pixelspace Solarsystem

If Moon is a size of one pixel this is a real size of the Solarsystem

So far there are options, but they are running out fast