None of Facebook (Whatsapp, Instagram.. ) decisions are in pro-users – sometimes it just turns out favorably to the…

Most of Facebook’s uncanny guesswork is the result of a healthy percentage of users simply handing over their addre…

Facebook knows so much that they can make you believe they're listening to you

Pixelspace Solarsystem

If Moon is a size of one pixel this is a real size of the Solarsystem

So far there are options, but they are running out fast

eOS Juno has it's share of problems of course

Moláček má jistě právo nepodržet ženám dveře, ale právě toto je rozklad naší společnosti, kdy přestáváme dodržovat…

[..]the world has yet to hear from anyone who has spent time in facilities like Dabancheng[..]

It’s time we as a community stand up and say enough is enough

“There are a lot of people who are on the blacklist wrongly, but they can’t get off it”