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“I do think the constant screen surveillance has affected our anxiety levels and our levels of depression.”


That data can then be resold, copied, pirated and abused. There’s no way you can ever retrieve it.


school-performance data being used as part of a “cradle-to-grave profile”


I will refer to what I said before about this:


and add this more general perspective:

Wh… https://t.co/3akY61KMpZ

RT @ow: The iPad Pro,…

The iPad Pro, a $1000 computer from the future, does not include a calculator https://t.co/HFjXoxY4GB

Proč nekupuju knihy u Dobrovského a jeho nakladatelství Omega v kostce. Obrázek doplní i kritika překladu Eliny Hir… https://t.co/ASd86Gz1et

[..] of all the countries I’ve been to, the border guards have never treated me worse than here [..]


If you don't use our service we will get other people to shame you


Facebook also once said that it will not share data between FB and WhatsApp #libra #privacy


Hlavně to nečtěte před spaním, věřte mi! →
Sinolog: Zeman dalece nechápe čínský systém, jeho poradce Jie Ťien-ming… https://t.co/dZtMofzP4f