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[..] of all the countries I’ve been to, the border guards have never treated me worse than here [..]


If you don't use our service we will get other people to shame you


Facebook also once said that it will not share data between FB and WhatsApp #libra #privacy


Hlavně to nečtěte před spaním, věřte mi! →
Sinolog: Zeman dalece nechápe čínský systém, jeho poradce Jie Ťien-ming… https://t.co/dZtMofzP4f

Podvádíme všichni, jestliže máme prilezitost, motivaci a víme, jak toto jednání omluvit


None of Facebook (Whatsapp, Instagram.. ) decisions are in pro-users – sometimes it just turns out favorably to the… https://t.co/WsKZC12onp

Most of Facebook’s uncanny guesswork is the result of a healthy percentage of users simply handing over their addre… https://t.co/AmbTP1Qfyo

Facebook knows so much that they can make you believe they're listening to you


So far there are options, but they are running out fast


eOS Juno has it's share of problems of course