If you’ve been following news about artificial intelligence, you’ve probably heard of or seen modified images of pa… https://t.co/dbtwDZNr4m

“I do think the constant screen surveillance has affected our anxiety levels and our levels of depression.”


school-performance data being used as part of a “cradle-to-grave profile”


That data can then be resold, copied, pirated and abused. There’s no way you can ever retrieve it.


I will refer to what I said before about this:


and add this more general perspective:

Wh… https://t.co/3akY61KMpZ

RT @ow: The iPad Pro,…

The iPad Pro, a $1000 computer from the future, does not include a calculator https://t.co/HFjXoxY4GB

Proč nekupuju knihy u Dobrovského a jeho nakladatelství Omega v kostce. Obrázek doplní i kritika překladu Eliny Hir… https://t.co/ASd86Gz1et

[..] of all the countries I’ve been to, the border guards have never treated me worse than here [..]


If you don't use our service we will get other people to shame you


Facebook also once said that it will not share data between FB and WhatsApp #libra #privacy